What You Get | $1.8 Million Homes in Maine, California and New Mexico

A modernist house built in 1946, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, on a 0.2-acre lot Arts & Architecture magazine’s Case Study program challenged prominent architects to build affordable, family-friendly homes in the mid 20th century, influencing residential design and the landscape of Southern California, and inspiring many people to design their own versions of… Keep reading

A Mid-Century Modern Home Located on Lida Street, Pasadena

Stunning, modern, and bespoke, this Mid-Century residence has stood the test of time with its classic lines, powerful vision, and indoor/outdoor aesthetic. The creative brainchild of the prominent artistic couple Leslie and Nancy Watts, whose pedigrees included professional photography and museum curation in the Pasadena area. Built in 1946 of their own designs with aid… Keep reading